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Qualified court reporters to meet all of your needs.

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We We also offer a range of additional services that can be available worldwide and tailoured to meet our client’s needs.

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About eScribers

eScribers, formerly known in the UK as Auscript, is one of the world’s leading court transcription, court recording and verbatim reporting companies. eScribers was established in 2005 by court reporting professionals and has grown to become the leader in reporting and transcription services for courts and government agencies. eScribers is the only company to hold exclusive statewide court reporting and transcription service contracts in the US.

We serve clients across a broad range of needs and time zones, offering court reporting services and accurate, easy-to-access transcripts at short turnaround times and competitive pricing.

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Under eScribers’ professional and experienced leadership, we continue to service our UK customers and deliver the highest quality product in the region.

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