Other Services

Same-Day Transcription

Our Same-Day transcription service is a cost-effective option while still being delivered in time for end-of-day debriefs and next day preparations.

With this service, receive a final transcript within 2-3 hours of adjournment on each day of the proceeding.* This is the service when timing is everything.

The Process: Request a quick quotation and confirm your wish to proceed

We will send you a formal quotation along with our terms and conditions.

If the matter is heard under HMCTS jurisdiction, we will send you a form EX107OFC to submit to the Court for permission to record and provide a transcript.

On the day of proceedings, we will be in attendance onsite or virtually (depending on the hearing type) to ensure a high quality transcript is delivered securely and on time.

Your transcript will be securely sent to you via your approved email address within our agreed timeframe.

*Conditions apply
eScribers cannot normally provide same-day transcription services for matters that require Attendance-based Transcription Services (ATS) within the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) and Administrative Court, both located in the Royal Courts of Justice, London.

Real-Time Transcription​

Instantly and securely search, annotate and share the transcript for fast decisions and resolutions.

eScribers’ highly-skilled Real-Time transcription team provides a verbatim transcript – on any device, anywhere – just seconds behind the spoken word. We will meticulously manage every detail of your Real-Time event – from your initial enquiry through to flexible support and the delivery of the highest quality final transcript. eScribers Real-Time transcription is ideal for:

– Civil proceedings
– Arbitrations
– Class actions
– High-profile, multi-day and multi-party events
– Royal Commissions and Public Inquiries

Benefits of eScribers’ Real-Time services for the entire case team:
– Securely access a live copy of the transcript, as it is spoken, on multiple devices (laptop, PC, tablet or iPad)

– Easily search and highlight keywords, phrases and exhibits as the hearing unfolds

– Instantly flag and annotate key segments within the transcript for later reference

– Alert colleagues to urgent discoveries
Comment and share notes with office-based and international team members

– Receive an email with the final daily transcript at no extra charge
Build your case with collective insight in real-time.

Contact us to learn more about the time you’ll save with Real-Time.

eScribers’ clients also have the option of choosing our fast Same Day transcription service for a more cost-effective option while still being delivered in time for end-of-day debriefs and next day preparations.

Arbitrations & Dispute Resolution​

We serve law firms across the UK by delivering transcripts for courts, arbitrations and dispute resolution hearings with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Transcription is what we do. It is our entire business and speciality. With this comes a deep understanding of client needs and a sole focus on delivering fast, accurate transcripts on-demand, when our clients need them.

  • Progressive and Same-Day transcripts (within 2-3 hours of adjournment)
  • Real-Time transcripts
  • Deferred transcripts

eScribers gives clients more choice and control over timelines and budgets.

We understand that Real-Time is not always needed and is best suited when the record requires immediate review and actioning.

eScribers’ clients also have the option of choosing our fast Same-Day transcription service for a more cost-effective option while still being delivered in time for end-of-day debriefs and next day preparations. Deferred services are also available.

Inquiries and Commissions​

eScribers is trusted by the country’s top government agencies and law enforcement bodies to transcribe highly confidential and sensitive information.

eScribers has a proven track record in delivering recording and transcription services for Inquiries and Commissions around the world that are time sensitive and confidential in nature, including the:

  • Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry
  • Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission
  • Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory
  • Our services provide a verbatim account of proceedings delivered on the required turnaround from Same-Day to Real-Time or Deferred.

eScribers supports Public Inquiries, Planning Inquiries and Commissions at every stage of their proceedings to provide a high quality secure record, delivered on time. Our easy to use recording and transcription solutions make it possible to share case audio and real-time transcripts across multiple locations as required.


Our team of specially trained staff capture and collate evidence for depositions. We understand that depositions capture key testimony which can often be admitted as evidence at trial.

Every eScribers’ Audio Transcriber is well versed in legal jargon, ensuring a transcript is accurate. eScribers’ deposition recording and transcription service gives law firms fast access to a precise record.

Verbatim Reporting Services

eScribers’ verbatim reporting services allow you to fully engage in meetings by providing a full and accurate note of proceedings. Our verbatim reporters will attend your meetings in person and take a full note of proceedings. This can be particularly useful in a larger meeting with a number of speakers.

Alternatively, and depending on your requirements and budget, we have trained reporters/loggers, who will record your meetings and other relevant details.

We provide verbatim services for:

  • Annual General Meetings
  • Disciplinary Hearings Tribunals
  • Conferences
  • Board Meetings Round Table
  • Discussions
  • Interviews

We can also provide transcripts from both digital and audio files provided by clients. The verbatim notes or the logged recordings can be transcribed and delivered within a turnaround time that fits with the client’s requirements.