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For Civil & Family Courts and Tribunals, order transcripts through the submission of an EX107 form to the Court:

1. How to request a transcript
Download and complete the EX107 form in full.  Complete all required sections (please contact us with any questions). If the transcript is required urgently, please indicate this on the EX107 form. To ensure the efficient processing of your order, please follow these Guidance Notes provided by the Ministry of Justice. Please note that we do not transcribe elements of Court events (eg, Summing Up, Evidence in Chief of a witness, Judgment, Applicant’s Opening Remarks, etc). Eg, we will transcribe a cross-examination of a witness, but we will not transcribe a 5-minute element of a longer cross-examination. This also applies to Counsel’s Opening Remarks, Judgment, Summing Up, etc. The basic principle being that a Court event is provided in its entirety.

2. Send in the completed form
For Civil, Family or Tribunal matters in England or Wales, send the EX107 form to the Court where the proceeding occurred.  If emailing, please also copy us in (  For your convenience, court contact details can be obtained via Court Finder.

3. Receive cost estimate
As soon as we receive the authorised EX107 form from the Court, we will contact you to provide a cost estimate (deposit) based on the length of the proceeding indicated along with our terms and conditions.  Costs are calculated based on the number of folios (72 words) transcribed and the delivery turnaround time requested.

The final cost of the transcript is not known until the transcript is produced and, in the absence of any indication of times, we estimate based on a full day of proceedings.

4. Make the payment
For non-account customers, payment of the full amount estimated (deposit) is required prior to the commencement of transcript production.  Payment can be easily made by credit/debit card or BACS transfer.  To make a debit/credit card payment, please call us on +44 (0) 3301 005223.

5. Transcript cost
Costs are calculated based on the number of folios (72 words) transcribed and the delivery turnaround requested.

Rates per folio, per delivery turnaround are as follows:

Within 12 working daysWithin 48 hoursCopy rate*
£1.02 per folio£1.31 per folio£0.10 per page

Please note: Prices above are VAT exclusive.  On average, one minute of audio equates to two and half folios.

* Copy rate only applies where what you are seeking is contained within a transcript previously produced.  Additional costs will be applicable should an element of what you require not be contained in an existing copy.

Costs for orders by multiple parties: If, prior to completion of an order, an additional authorised request for transcription is received, and ordered (ie, paid for) the total cost will be divided equally between all of those who have submitted an order.  The total cost will comprise one transcript fee together with the cost of additional copies.

Conditions apply, and for less than 12 working days is subject to availability at the point of payment/receipt of suitable audio.

6. Turnaround time
For Civil, Family, and Tribunal matters heard within His Majesty’s Courts in England and Wales, there are two turnaround times available:

  • Within 48 hours*
  • Within 12 working days*

Please note: Your EX107 form is submitted to the Court for permission prior to it, and the associated audio, being sent to us. The time this takes is beyond our control. The turnaround time begins when we are in receipt of both the suitable audio and your deposit payment or, for account customers, your go ahead.

*Conditions apply, and for less than 12 working days is subject to availability at the point of payment/receipt of suitable audio.

Once payment and suitable audio (and any necessary court permissions) are received, our specialist team will start the transcribing process immediately. If there are any issues, one of our team members will contact you for a resolution. Please note that any issues relating to locating the correct audio, or poor audio quality, may result in the turnaround time being extended.

7. How quality is managed
We aim to deliver the highest quality transcript to you.  However, audio quality can seriously affect our ability to achieve this, so should you have any queries relating to a transcript we have supplied to you, please contact us at

8. Receive your transcript
Transcript Requires the Court/Judge’s Approval?

  • Where there is a requirement for your transcript to be approved by the Court/Judge prior to delivery to you (NB ALL Judgments fall into this category), we will send it to the Court by close of business on, or before, the final turnaround day.
    • When we receive the approved copy from the Court we shall forward it to you.
    • Please note that the time the approval process takes is solely at the Court’s/Judge’s discretion and, although we periodically chase outstanding transcripts, there is nothing more we can do to speed this process up.

Transcript Does Not Require the Court/Judge’s Approval?

  • Your transcript will be sent to you by close of business on, or before, the final turnaround day either, 1) as a PDF (Portable Document Format) attachment to your supplied (or approved) email address, or 2) in the absence of an email address, and in addition to the turnaround time, by Royal Mail Special Delivery to the address provided in Part A of the EX107 form.  If, having been sent the transcript by email, you request the transcript also be provided to you by post, a copy charge and a Royal Mail Special Delivery charge will be applied to your final invoice.

9. Invoicing
Following delivery of your transcript to either you or the Court you will receive an invoice detailing the final cost and, where a deposit payment was made, details of any refund or outstanding balance.

  • Paid by Card?  Refunds* are usually made within 7 days of receiving the invoice.  It can take up to 5-10 business days to show on your account.
  • Paid by BACS?  Refunds* are usually made within 7 days of receiving your bank sort code, account name, and account number.  Refunds to your bank account should appear on the same day.

*Conditions Apply

10. Contact us
If you have not found the answer to your question above, please email us at or telephone us on +44 (0) 3301 005223.

Please note that we do not provide specific estimates or take instructions over the telephone. Whilst we are happy to talk to you about your request, any instruction must be confirmed by you in writing (including email).  Estimates will also be sent to you in writing.