A Guide to Coping with COVID Catch-Up


A Guide to Coping with Covid Catch-Up

eScribers Q2 2021 Newsletter

1. Rely more on high-quality digital recordings like those provided by FTR and Zoom, rather than requiring court reporters to be present. This will decrease your staffing needs and costs.

2. Use remote digital court reporters to as great an extent as possible when permitted by your state’s requirements. Reserve your limited local digital reporters for those proceedings requiring in-person coverage and local stenographic reporters for proceedings in need of real-time transcripts.

3. Outsource your transcription work.

4. Lessen the time your attorneys and staff spend listening to audio and enhance their ability to search for key terms by ordering more They’ll be better prepared with less effort.

5. Reduce the administrative work for your team by selecting and only working with a transcription and court reporting company that has a proven track record of success in acting as your partner from start to finish. eScribers is proud to provide you with everything you need, including:

  • Assistance in finding a court reporter for you when you need one.
  • A secure and fast audio/video online upload system.
  • Managing your private party orders, estimates, and invoicing.
  • Ensuring your transcripts are accurate and delivered on time. Your staff never needs to waste time correcting transcripts or chasing deadlines.
  • Routinely and effectively handling challenging audio.
  • Custom order forms made specifically for your court or agency. This will help ensure the correct audio is sent the first time…every time.
  • Offering secure email and online transfer of unlimited completed transcripts available to you at any time via secure, password-protected online access.
  • Using customized transcript templates so your transcripts are perfect for your jurisdiction every time.
  • Securely storing your audio/video files and transcripts at no charge.
  • Providing simple invoices with straightforward pricing factors.
  • Maintaining a secure, password protected Administrator Portal to allow for real time customized end-to-end direction and tracking of the entire transcription process, as well as data reports that include any information that is useful to you.
  • 24/7 access to our professional, experienced operations and technical support customer care teams.


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