Contracts Made EASY

Dear Clients & Friends,

eScribers is thrilled to announce that the Colorado Office of State Court Administrator has awarded us a statewide contract with the Colorado Judicial Department!  The master services agreement (“MSA”) allows any Colorado state court to contract with eScribers for transcription services without any further procurement process by simply executing a participating addendum. This opportunity will allow eScribers a clear path to implement on-time, accurate, easy-to-use, and secure transcription services to help lessen backlogs and resource constraints while simplifying the entire transcription process in the state of Colorado.

We were also recently awarded a statewide transcription services MSA by the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration for use by all Colorado state agencies, institutions of higher education, local governments and non-profits. Now, ANY Colorado court or agency can contract with eScribers with a click of a button!

And we have more good news! eScribers is an approved provider in similar statewide MSAs in Arizona, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. We also have court contracts in several states that allow for “piggybacking” off the contract by other state courts and agencies, which is yet another easy way to contract with us.

Additionally, many courts/agencies are able to contract with us without a lengthy procurement process because the cost is minimal. Private parties generally pay for the majority of the transcript and court reporting orders, and the administrative streamlining systems provided by eScribers are free of charge!

We know you are dealing with court reporter shortages, as well as transcription backlogs and overflow. We know you need an easier system that provides you more control. eScribers has a number of services and solutions to help you, including:

  • Easy, accurate, on-time, secure online transcription services
  • Administrator’s portal
  • Private party ordering and billing
  • Hosting of remote hearings
  • Provision of on-demand court reporters
  • Secure storage of audio/video materials
  • 24/7 transcript repository

Contact us for more information about how our team can assist you. Just like that, working with eScribers is as easy as a click of a button.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and easy summer,

Aryeh Bak, CEO